Virtual Access Tours has now joined the Homevisit family

We are delighted to share that Virtual Access Tours (VAT) has now become a cherished member of the Homevisit family, a distinguished subsidiary of Urbanimmersive USA.

Situated in Chantilly, Virginia, our primary aim in bringing VAT into the Homevisit fold is to unify the strengths of both teams under one prestigious banner. This collaboration is set to enrich and amplify our service offerings for our esteemed clientele in New Jersey and its adjacent regions. With an expanded team of photographers, clients in NJ and nearby areas will reap the benefits of a larger, consolidated organization.

It’s worth noting that both VAT and Homevisit share identical photography and post-editing methodologies, ensuring that our VAT clients will continue to enjoy the top-tier quality of photos they’ve always loved.

Furthermore, an exciting enhancement for VAT’s clientele is the expanded access to Homevisit’s premium print services. This integration not only promises seamless digital offerings but also ensures that our clients can translate their stunning visuals into high-quality print materials. Whether for brochures or other marketing collateral, our customers can now leverage a broader spectrum of services, cementing our commitment to providing an all-encompassing experience.

Now take advantage of our Print services available.