What is Prime?

Date Online: 2022-11-25

Prime is monthly membership program that gives clients exclusive access to Prime products.

Prime is a monthly membership program that helps customers supercharge listings with exclusive, powerful marketing tools. Members of Prime pay a monthly fee, and in return get free 3D tours, 2D Floor Plans, Single Property Websites, and Fliers with every photo shoot order. Additionally, members get access to the innovative and interactive UiMeet3D technology.

Prime Benefits:

  • Save time by showing your properties virtually
  • Save money by only paying a small monthly fee instead of higher per product prices for 3D tours, 2D floor plans, single property websites, and fliers. 
  • Win more listings by offering a complete marketing package for every listing
  • Impress your clients by providing them with cutting-edge marketing tools and a 24/7 open house

How to Become a Member:

There are three ways you can opt-into an Prime membership.

  1. You can log into your account and proceed to the Prime tab. From the Prime tab, you can opt into Prime, cancel your Prime membership, and view your Prime billing history. Please note,  Prime products are only added to listings after your Prime membership is activated. 
  2. You can opt-into Prime when you are placing an order for a photo shoot. On the product order page, you will see Prime as an option (if you are not currently opted-into the membership program). By turning it on, you will start your monthly Prime membership.
  3. Brokerages are able to contact ur to 

Prime Products:

3D Tours

Let prospective buyers virtually tour your listing with our 3D tour. Using the best 3D technology on the market, buyers will be able to immerse themselves in the listing from the comfort of their own home. 

Want to learn why 3D Tours are so important? Take a look at our blog post on 3D Tours.

2D Floor Plans

A 2D floor plan gives your listing a powerful marketing advantage. Floor plans allow prospective buyers to understand the layout of your listing and refer back to it throughout the transaction, resulting in happy buyers and fewer days on market. 

Single Property Websites

Share all of your listing details and media through one easy-to-access link! The Single Property Website includes your listing information, photos, 3D Tour, 2D Floor Plan, downloadable flier, map, and neighborhood information. Plus, with every order, you will get both a branded and unbranded version. Fliers

Enhance your listing by including a “virtual flier box” with our  automatically generated flier. Buyers visiting the single property website can easily download the flier and refer to it later! 


Using your 3D Tour, UiMeet3D enables you to give real-time, interactive virtual tours in the 3D space. Our first-to-market technology utilizes the camera on your computer to place you and the buyer “virtually” in the listing allowing full interaction. 


Interested in joining Prime? Click here to sign up.

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