Prime - What is UiMeet3D?

Date Online: 2022-11-24

Your Prime membership automatically adds the interactive UiMeet3D feature to your 3D Tours with each of your photography orders.

Members of Prime automatically receive exclusive Prime products with every photo shoot order. The Prime products include 3D Tours, 2D Floor Plans, Single Property Websites, Fliers, and UiMeet3D. Below you can learn more about the Prime UiMeet3D Technology.

About UiMeet3D

UiMeet3D is a revolutionary technology that allows Realtors to meet with their clients in real-time within their 3D tours. Think of it as the first true virtual tour!

Using your computer or mobile phone camera, UiMeet3D places you and your client on video within the 3D space. The video-conferencing technology (similar to zoom) lets you have real-time, face-to-face, virtual conversations with your clients - INSIDE the listing. This allows you to see your clients reactions, hear their comments, and get their feedback...without have to drive to the listing! 

UiMeet3D Features

  • Follow Feature: Through the follow feature, a Realtor (or client) can invite another UiMeet3D user to "follow" them on a tour of the listing. This puts one person in the driver seat, so everyone can be looking at the same thing during the walkthrough. (Note: you will still see everyone's face in the left corner of the screen - so you don't loose out on watching client's reactions).
  • Unlock Feature: You can utilize the virtual "lockbox" on the 3D tour to let other Realtors give their clients tours of your listing. Alternatively, your potential buyers could give their parents, friends, or out-of-town partners tours of the space before moving to the next step of the buying process.


  • How to use the 3D tour
  • How to use UiMeet3D with your client

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