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Date Online: 2022-11-25

Your Prime membership automatically adds a flier to each of your photography orders.

Members of Prime automatically receive exclusive Prime products with every photo shoot order. The Prime products include 3D Tours, 2D Floor Plans, Single Property Websites, Flyers, and UiMeet3D. Below you can learn more about the Prime Flyer. 

About the Prime Flyer

Each Prime Flyer automatically takes the photos and listing information (entered when placing an order) and creates a standard Flyer available for download on the Single Property Website. Very similar to the Flyer box that you put out in front of a listing, the Single Property Website allows easy Flyer download (pdf) to visitors. Think of it like a "virtual Flyer box." This feature is great because it allows potential buyers to save all of the relevant listing information readily available - including your contact information!

Can I edit the Flyer?

If the details included on the Flyer or photo order need to be changed, please reach out to and we can make those changes for you.  At this time, there is only one Flyer layout so layout changes are not possible. 

How do I access the Flyer?

You can download your Flyer by going into your Single Property Website and pressing the Flyer button. This will download the PDF to your device. 

What does the Flyerlook like?

View the example Flyer below. 

IMOTO Prime Flier-png


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