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Date Online: 2022-11-24

Prime is a monthly membership program that gives clients exclusive access to Prime products, here some FAQs.

Below you will find a list of our most commonly asked questions about Prime.

Ordering FAQs:

Will ordering through be different if I am a Prime member?

Nope! You will order your photoshoots and other products just like you have always ordered them.

Do I have to add Prime Products to every order?

If you do not want to include Prime products on a specific order, you are able to opt out for a specific order. So, for example, if you only want photos on a particular order you will simply deselect Prime and we will only shoot photos on that specific order. Doing so will not cancel your Prime membership, it will just skip it for that one order. 

Please note: if you want any of the Prime products, you must keep Prime on for the order. Prime products cannot be completed a la carte. 

Photoshoot FAQs:

Will adding Prime products make the shoot take much longer?

Estimates that it will take on average less than 30 minutes extra to scan a 3,000-square-foot property. 

Do all photographers offer Prime?

The majority of photographers offer Prime products. When you place an order with the Prime membership, all of the "available photographers" are able to complete orders with Prime products.

Delivery FAQs:

What is the turnaround time on the Prime products?

Prime products have a 24-hour turnaround time. Typically, photo and video products are delivered in less than 24 hours. As soon as the photos are complete, you will get your normal delivery email with the photos/videos, plus the Prime Single Property Website Link. When the 3D tour, 2D floor Plan, Flier are done, they will automatically populate in the Single Property Website link that you received with your photos. 

Please note: when the Single Property Website is delivered, the 3D tour, 2D floor plan, and flier will not be finished yet. However, you are able to put the link into the MLS listing immediately when your photos are complete, as the link will automatically update once the Prime products are complete.

How will I receive my Prime products?

You will receive the link to your Single Property Website via email when your photos are complete. The Single Property Website will include the 3D Tour, 2D Floor Plan, and Flier, however, these products take slightly longer to edit so they will not populate the Single Property Website until they are finished (24-hour turnaround). They will automatically be added to the Single Property Website Link when they are complete. 

You will also receive an email alerting you that your 3D Tour, 2D Floor Plan, and Flier are ready. This email will contain a link to the Single Property Website.

You can also access all of your Prime products in your Order History.

Check out this article for a detailed tutorial on how to access your Prime products.

Billing FAQs:

Do I have to pay the monthly fee even if I do not have a listing? Do I have to pay extra if I have more than one listing?

Prime is built so that members have reliable invoicing that stays consistent regardless of the number of listings. On months where members have a bunch of listings, the monthly billing stays the same. And on months where members do not have listings, it also remains the same. Please note that pricing has been set so that customers will break even (assuming they were to order a 2d Floor Plan and 3D Tour) if they have 2+ annual listings.

For a full list of Billing FAQs, please visit our Billing FAQ Page.

Cancellation FAQs:

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes. You can cancel your membership at any time. Please note that there may be a $200 fee if you would like to reinstate your membership. Once you cancel your membership will be active until the end of that monthly billing cycle. Pro-rata refunds are not given.

Will I retain access to my Prime products if I cancel?

You can download the Floor Plan, Flier, and 3D tour before you cancel your membership in order to retain access to the products. However, you will not be able to access the Single Property Website, UiMeet3D, or the online version of the 3D Tour after your membership expires. 

To learn more about Prime, view examples, and access Prime tutorials, please visit the Prime Information Page.

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