How to Use the Prime UiMeet3D

Date Online: 2022-11-24

Learn how to use our innovative UiMeet3D technology to enable real-time video conferencing within your 3D tour!

UiMeet3D is a revolutionary technology that allows Realtors to meet with their clients in real-time within their 3D tours. 

Using your computer or mobile phone camera, UiMeet3D places you and your client on video within the 3D space. The video-conferencing technology (similar to zoom) lets you have real-time, face-to-face, virtual conversations with your clients - INSIDE the listing. This allows you to see your clients reactions, hear their comments, and get their feedback...without have to drive to the listing! 

How to Use UiMeet3D:

1. Our customers are given two links in order to utilize UiMeet3D. These links are accessible in your account under your order history.

  • Organizer Link: This is the link you will use.
  • Visitor Link: This is the link you will send to whoever you are meeting with inside the space (i.e. clients or potential buyers). Simply copy the link and send it to your guest via email, text etc.

2. Once you are in the tour, you click on the people icon on the bottom of the screen. It will open up a window to show you which guests are in the 3D space. 

3. Click on the camera button in the popup to start the 3D meeting. Your guess will get a pop-up inviting them to join the meeting. Make sure to say "yes" to allowing UiMeet3D to access your camera and microphone.

4. Once your guest has accepted, you will be in the 3D space with them and can start your meeting or tour! 

5. To learn more about how to navigate within the 3D space, click here. 

Tutorial Video:

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