How to I create an order?

Date Online: 2022-11-29

As soon as the payment and confirmation are done, you will receive a confirmation by email within you will have the invoice in PDF and an invitation to add the appointment to your Google calendar. You will also have an indication of how to prepare the home for the shooting. 

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If at any time, you need to change or cancel the appointment, you can do so before the 24-hour deadline. After this time, you will need to contact your photographer directly. 

1. Select the service you need. 

2. Depending on the option configured by the photographer you may or may not have options that you can pick 

3. Enter the address of the property

4. Select a date

5. You will see which photographer is offering the selected service and you can select the time slut you need.

Note that if you select a guaranteed hour you will have 15 minutes to finish booking the appointment. After that time, the appointment becomes available for someone else.

6. Enter any additional information that may help your photographer do the best job.

7. Depending of the configuration your photographer did you can have multiple payment methods, select the one you prefer. 

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