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Staged Photography

Staged Photos Set The Scene

Staged photos are brighter, more crisp, clearer and look better on the Internet and reproduce better in print.

Staged Photo - $5000 per scene

Why Staged Photography?

More Time
During a standard walk through photo shoot, the photographer will enter the room, choose a location for the shot, select exposure and shoot the room in a matter of a minute or two.

When a staged photo is ordered, each scene will be carefully set up with extra lights, tripod and about 30 minutes will be spent on each shot.

More Lighting
Our photographers will use up to 3 additional lights in concert with the onboard camera flash to light the scene.

This lighting capability is critical to evenly light the scene, bounce light into ceilings, corners and adjacent rooms to create stunning images.

Staging The Scene

The camera is tripod mounted for all staged scenes. The photographer will carefully consider all aspects of what he sees in the view finder. We move objects like pillows, chairs and lamps that interfere with the scene. We will make sure that main subjects in the scene like windows, furniture and doorways are balanced and composed properly.

More Exposures
The photographer will take multiple shots of the scene with varying camera and lighting settings to get the best shot of the scene.


The Photographers
Our photographers have more digital architectural photography experience than anyone anywhere. There is simply no substitute for expertise and experience.

The Benefits
Staged photos are brighter, more crisp, clearer and look better on the Internet and reproduce better in print.

When Should You Order Staged Custom Photos?
All upper bracket properties, especially those that are well decorated and those with large rooms will always benefit from staged photography. Also, when 4-page brochures are ordered using larger photos in print.

How Many Staged Photos Do You Need?
We recommend 2 to 4 staged photos.

How To Order Staged Photos
Staged photos can be added to any photo shoot in the Additional Photography Service section while ordering online.


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