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Experienced Photographers

Our photographers are trained to capture your listing at its best. There is simply no substitute for experience - lighting techniques, angles, perspective, staging - it all shows in the final product. All HomeVisit photographers are specially trained taking advantage of our unmatched expertise.

We have photographed over 35,000 homes, so we know how to get great photos but also how to treat your Sellers and their home with care and respect. Choosing a HomeVisit professional photo shoot shows your client that you are willing to make the small investment to do the job right and capture their home at its best.

Superior Equipment

It's an old adage - use the right tools for the job. The best photographer in the world can't overcome poor equipment. At HomeVisit, we have invested in the best professional digital camera equipment, lenses and lighting from the beginning over 10 years ago.

What's the difference between "pro" and "consumer" equipment? It used to be resolution. Now, nearly every camera on the market shoots 5 mega pixels or more. What defines quality then? Our pro grade cameras have better electronics that deliver sharper, more color-accurate images. Better wide angle lenses. This is a huge difference. Our cameras make small rooms look bigger and we can capture an entire room with one or two shots. Lighting is key. The built-in flash on consumer cameras cannot effectively light a room. We have all seen the results: dark corners, reddish images, muddy details. Our cameras use high power, computer controlled flashes to properly light rooms edge to edge for clear, crisp images.

All of these things, along with an experienced photographer behind the lens, add up to better quality photos - and that impacts everything - virtual tours, print materials and advertising.



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