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Elevated Photography

Elevated Photos Add Dynamic Perspective

In selected cases, we employ elevated photography to capture compelling images that are impossible to shoot from ground level -- increasing the impact of the frontal elevation or a pool setting.

20 Foot Elevated Photo - $5500 per scene

40 Foot Elevated Photo - $12500 per scene

Elevated Photography Features

HomeVisit elevated photography adds dramatic impact to the marketing of your listings. Now, the first image buyers see - on your brochures, print advertising and virtual tours - is sure to stand out. Your Sellers will love seeing the process and the results. Ever notice how real estate photos are looking more and more like two-dimensional mug shots of the home? Now HomeVisit leads the way again in bringing you creative services to help you effectively market your homes.

How do we do it?
We have 20-foot and 40-foot elevated tripod systems that can be used anywhere on the property. Our state of the art professional cameras are raised to the equivalent of a two to four story building, delivering stunning results. The camera can be controlled from the ground by panning and tilting the camera with a remote control and capturing images directly to a laptop.

Which properties can benefit from elevated photography?
Nearly every property can benefit from elevated photography. All properties that have water features, large grounds, pools and interesting landscaping are obvious choices. However, the benefits of elevated photography extend to all homes. Tall town houses, properties with a descending grade, homes with power lines in front, and many more will see great results.

How do I order elevated photos?
Elevated photos can be added to any HomeVisit photo shoot. You can also add elevated photos for a property during your photo shoot.

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