New Feature Overview
Select 30 images and download in less than 3 minutes:

  • Tour Favs icon is now MLS / Tour.
  • When you start clicking, a counter appears on right side of screen, reporting how many are selected.
  • The DOWNLOAD icon is right there on screen.
  • Images are complied immediately, on demand and downloaded.
  • Images are now 2,000 pixels - more than large enough for MRIS or ANY web usage.
  • Those 30 images are automatically added to your HV tour set up.
  • Quickly add more images to your tour inside the tour configurator.

MLS Photo Select / Instant Download Is Here!New!

We have just completed and launched a very important new feature set to allow you to very quickly select and download 30 photos for MRIS - and automatically add those 30 images to your HV tour set up. Watch the brief video presentation above to learn more about this exciting new feature, coming to your HomeVisit account in a matter of days!

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